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shwild Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

The shwild/C++ namespace - shwild - that contains wrappers for the C API.


class  PatternException
 Exception thrown by the Pattern constructor. More...
class  Pattern
 Facade for the shwild C API. More...


typedef shwild_slice_t slice_t
 C++ synonym for shwild_slice_t.


int match (char const *pattern, char const *string, unsigned flags=0)
 C++ overload synonym for shwild_match().
int compile_pattern (char const *pattern, unsigned flags, shwild_handle_t *phCompiledPattern)
 C++ overload synonym for shwild_compile_pattern().
int match_pattern (shwild_handle_t hCompiledPattern, char const *string)
 C++ overload synonym for shwild_match_pattern().
void destroy_pattern (shwild_handle_t hCompiledPattern)
 C++ overload synonym for shwild_destroy_pattern().

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